Kambly Living Center

"Because everyone deserves a home"

Kambly Living Center provides adults with developmental disabilities in a family home-like environment. We offer quality care in a comfortable, secure setting with activities and services designed to enhance their independence and dignity. We are situated in a residential area on six acres of land within minutes of medical offices, the hospital, recreation, and transportation. We invite you to learn more about Kambly Living Center.

To provide the opportunity for adults with developmental disabilities to achieve emotional, social and spiritual growth in a safe and secure homelike atmosphere.

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Dear Family & Friends,

I would like to start by saying THANK YOU for loyally supporting Viola Kambly’s Legacy to provide a loving, safe and secure home for adults with developmental disabilities.

When I think about Kambly the first word that comes to my mind is love. Our residents and staff share a close bond based upon the pride taken in personalizing emotional and physical care. Kambly board members take the time to develop relationships with residents and staff. Parents and guardians call just to chit-chat. Kambly is and always will be a family.

I know what Kambly means to me personally being employed here for 22+ years but I wanted to know how parents, guardians and siblings of our residents feel and what Kambly means to them. I would like to share just a few excerpts to show the strength of Viola Kambly’s Legacy of Love that is still going strong today.

  • Susan - mother of Kristin a 21-year resident said;” Knowing that my daughter is living in a safe and caring environment with a staff that genuinely loves the residents gives me great peace of mind. Kambly is more than a Living Center. It’s a home and a family!”

  • Kelly– sister of Richie a 58-year resident stated;” Our father before his passing used to hate to return Richie as he was going to miss him but, he saw how excited Richie was to return home to Kambly. Richie likes to spend time with our family but he is always ready to return to his Kambly family. When I enter Kambly I am always greeted by the residents with smiles on their faces and after interacting with the staff, it is obvious why Richie loves his home.”

  • Laura – sister of Kim a 38-year resident said;” When our parents passed away nearly five years ago both our worlds changed and we had to adapt to a new way of life. This is when I discovered how really important Kambly is to our lives & the lives of the other residents. The support of the staff and residents helped Kim and I heal from a tremendous loss. While Kambly gives Kim the security of a safe place to live it gives me peace of mind knowing that she’s receiving the best care she can possibly receive. There is no better place than Kambly!”

Did you know?
We are the only 501(C) (3) home of our kind in the state of Michigan.
Most of our residents only receive SSI which does not cover the cost of their care. We provide a high-quality loving home with nutritious meals, a skilled caring staff, daily activities as well as opportunities to interact in our community.

Can we count on you to provide a financial gift to the Legacy of Love this holiday season?

How Can you Help?
There are several ways that you can give. Please click the red donate button on the lower right of the page to give online.

You can also mail in a donation to:
Kambly Living Center
1003 North Avenue
Battle Creek, MI. 49017

I am so honored and proud to be a part of this Legacy that began so many years ago. You are welcome to stop by and visit us anytime – you will feel the love & family atmosphere when you step through our doors.

Connie Hawthorne, Executive Director, Anita Figgures, Community Coordinator

Kambly Staff: Mishelle, McKenzie, Leah, Robbie, Emily, Mike, Amanda, Shawna, Lisa, Dawawn, Jennifer, Christian, Kia, Amber & Jared.

Board of Directors: Derek King, Hans Stark, Nan Spindler, Tony Iovieno, Kurt Etter, Lisa Lampert and Katherine McNally



April - May

April 1, 2022
Thank you for your past support of Kambly and the Food Bank of South-Central Michigan with your participation in the Food Bank Challenge!

As a non-profit organization, Kambly Living Center has the privilege of being able to utilize the services of the Food Bank of South-Central Michigan. The Food Bank is conveniently located in the Industrial Park right here in Battle Creek and is part of Feeding America and the Food Bank Council of Michigan, making national and state food resources available to us for a small fee. With the help of donors and volunteers, the Food Bank provides a wonderful, essential service to our food service program.

We need your support again this year in meeting the Food Bank Challenge. This is the LAST year for the 10% match. In the future, you are still welcome and encouraged to donate to Kambly’s account but the 10% match will no longer be a benefit. That is why this is a crucial last chance to help us obtain matching dollars. The donated monies do not have an expiration date and will remain in our account until we use them. We have participated in this program for the last six years and it has been a huge benefit to our organization.

This is a national challenge, to fight hunger and provide nutritious food at drastically reduced prices. However, from April 1 – to May 31 for every donation made to our agency's account at the Food Bank, the Food Bank will credit our account by an additional 10%. It's the most effective and efficient means to make a monetary contribution to Kambly's food program. Last year Kambly received record donations in the amount of $8,663.16 which translated into thousands of dollars of food and supplies; this was a huge boost to our food budget.

Please remember, you must make your contribution between April 1 – and May 31 in order to be eligible for the Food Bank Challenge and for Kambly to receive the 10% match. Thank you again for your past support of this program and for all you do to help our organization.

Please click on the donate now button below to help Kambly. 

IMPORTANT: When donating online you must leave this message in the leave a comment field, Kambly Agency Number A-1295. This will ensure Kambly receives your donation.

Connie Hawthorne


Kambly is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, allowing you to take a tax deduction for any contributions. Most of our residents only receive SSI benefits. If you would like to learn more about Kambly Living Center please watch the video below.


Your donation goes directly for the care of our residents. Thank you for supporting our Kambly family.

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Kambly Events



Come join our annual Knock Em’ Down for Kambly 3-6-3 bowling fundraiser. Our residents love to bowl! 



The annual open houses are a favorite of our Kambly residents. They enjoy seeing all their family and friends.



The Kambly Glow Ball Scramble is our biggest fundraiser. Join us for dinner, glow ball golf, golf contest and raffle prizes.